At Chainbrain, we pride ourselves on our state of the art service department. 

Whether your visit to our team is for your dream hand built wheel set, a suspension overhaul or a tube change, the Chainbrain mechanics have got you covered. With our combined decades of experience in the industry, we are confident that whatever the issue, we will have the solution.

We can also include a pickup and delivery service. Please inquire when placing your booking with our friendly staff.

Need a bike fixed?

From performing routine maintenance, such as cleaning and lubricating the drivetrain, to more complex repairs, our bike mechanics have the skills and tools to get the job done right. Regular servicing is essential for keeping your bike in top condition, so if you want to ensure that your bike is always ready to ride, be sure to visit our Chainbrain for all of your servicing needs.

The Basic

$ 95
  • The perfect tune up for your bike to get back to 100%

The Not So Basic

$ 290
  • In depth bike service for those that need a little more work

The New Bike

$ 590
  • A complete breakdown including suspension service

Hand Built Custom Wheelsets

Hand-built custom bike wheels offer the best performance and durability. Brands like DT-Swiss, Industry Nine and Shimano offer high-quality spokes, rims, and hubs for the perfect set of wheels. Our skilled wheel builders can create a set that is perfectly balanced and built to last all in house.

From lightweight race wheels to robust all-mountain options, hand-built custom bike wheels are the way to go.

Suspension Kings

Our in-house mountain bike suspension services allow riders to have their suspension forks and rear shocks serviced and maintained by our experienced technicians. Proper suspension maintenance is essential for ensuring that your bike is performing at its best and an in-house service means that you can get your suspension serviced quickly and efficiently without having to send it out to a third party.

Whether you need a basic service or a more complex repair, come see our in-house suspension service team to get your bike back on the trails in no time.